Climate change is a global problem that affects our planet, negatively impacting its habitability and the development of humanity. Among its main causes is the uncontrolled use of fossil fuels. El petróleo y el gas son dos de los principales combustibles que han sostenido el modelo energético durante, al menos, el último siglo. To mitigate the effects of climate change as far as possible, it is essential to move towards a new energy model.

The sun is the main source of energy that powers our world. Solar energy, in its different forms of use, is a fundamental part of the energy paradigm shift. Citizens can be part of this change by taking advantage of the benefits of self-consumption and distributed generation through solar collectors.

The gSolarRoof project promotes the use of renewable energies by evaluating the solar potential of the roofs of our buildings. The city can thus become a large solar field capable of meeting a large part of our energy needs. Our model, gSolarRoof, supports this initiative with scientific rigor and the application of new geographic technologies, with a multidisciplinary vision, and with a spirit of approaching the end consumer.

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